Odor & Emission Control

Odor & Emission Control

The Odor-Control Foam

Rusmar has been producing its RusFoam® line of aqueous foams for the control of odors, emissions and dust since 1986. In addition, Rusmar supplies non-foam solutions to these problems, including RusScent granules and liquids for supplemental odor control and RusTac for longer term dust control.

The RusFoam® products produce a long-lasting barrier for immediate control of dust, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies and major corporations as providing
superior odor and emission control. These products have been specified for use at Superfund and other hazardous waste sites across the United States and Canada, and elsewhere in the world. RusFoam products are designed for use with all Rusmar Pneumatic Foam Units.


  • Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous

  • Non-combustible 
  • Non-reactive 


  • Easy to use

  • Safe for workers and environment 
  • No clean up necessary
  • Minimizes worker exposure
  • Maintains fence-line odor and VOC emission limits 


  • No ambient temperature limits

  • Requires only water dilution
  • Covers any contamination source 
  • Duration can be varied by dilution            
  • Will not add to soil volume

  • Will not add to treatment costs

  • More effective than the competition
  • Effective on lagoon and pond closures
  • Can be applied to near vertical and liquid surfaces 
Emission Control Technology

The primary application for RusFoam® OC is control of odors, VOCs and dust during active excavation and for overnight coverage of contaminated soils at hazardous waste sites. RusFoam® OC can also be applied on liquid surfaces, such as lagoons and retention ponds.


Typical MGP Remediation Cost Breakdown The remediation of hazardous waste sites often includes excavation of soil contaminated with odorous compounds. RusFoam® OC has no odor itself, although a pleasant wintergreen or vanilla scent can be added. It forms a barrier between contaminants and the atmosphere and can be applied during active excavation to provide an immediate and effective barrier to minimize odors. It is completely biodegradable and poses no threat to workers, neighboring residents or ground water.


RusFoam® OC can also be applied on top of trucks, railcars and barges for odor and emission control during transport of materials such as contaminated soils or sewage sludge. Ammonia tests performed on trucks containing sewage sludge resulted in a drop of concentration levels from 170 ppm prior to foaming down to 6 ppm after coverage with RusFoam® OC.

  • Minimizes worker exposure

  • Maintains fence-line odor and VOC emission limits 
  • Effective on lagoon and pond closures
  • Can be applied to near vertical or liquid surfaces 


At hazardous waste sites, fugitive dust can present a health hazard. RusFoam® OC can be applied on top of the dusty material to prevent any wind-borne emissions. There is no need to mobilize equipment to immediately cover with soil or tarps. The Pneumatic Foam Unit can be filled and placed at the site to be used at a moment’s notice.


In emergency spills, odor and VOC control is often difficult because of the terrain and accident conditions. RusFoam® OC can be applied to any shaped object, as well as steep slopes,
water, mud, snow and ice. It is non-flammable and non-reactive. Difficult spill problems
can be accommodated.


RusFoam® OC is supplied in drums, totes or in bulk. Bulk shipments can be stored outside in a Rusmar Bulk Storage-Dilution System. The Bulk Storage and Dilution system is comprised of a 7000 gallon (26,500L) heated and stirred chemical storage tank with a microprocessor to accurately dilute and transfer the chemical.

RusFoam® OC is designed to be applied with a Rusmar Pneumatic Foam Unit. The Pneumatic Foam Units are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of site conditions and application needs.